Thursday, June 28, 2007

In the 80's

The more I think about it the more I remember those conspiracy guys from the 80's. Those guys used to go to those stupid, ghetto "Super Sales!" at the Astro Hall and the Astro Arena. They all wore shirts that said "NOT Made In Japan!" and shit. I just wanna say that those guys were awesome. But, yeah those sales sucked. You paid a 10$ admission fee to get into this big ass sale. All the advertisements promised "Persian rugs valued at $4,000 on sale for $300! Nintendo games for $3!"...then you get there and they have the shittiest Nintendo games and all the rugs are sold out because those conspiracy guys loved buying rugs. I guess they were against Japanese-made things but Persian rugs are fine. I'll bet there are a few of those guys left. Right now one named Pat is lying on his maroon Persian rug explaining to an escort girl the truth behind the Kennedy assassination and how the Warren Report was a government fabrication that was written to distract Americans from the truth: Kennedy was an alien who deserved to die because of his unwavering desire to champion Japanese industry.

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