Monday, June 30, 2008

Six beers and no dinner what I had tonight. I'm drunk and kind of woozy and it's almost 1am, which means I have to be at work for a meeting in almost 7 hours. Wow!

Recommendation: go see WALL-E (I think it's an acronym and so I think I punctuated it correctly, but who knows!). Anyway, it's a fucking fantastic film. It's beautiful. Sniff.

Also, I'm going to throw in the 1-2 punch combo of the Dead Boys' "Hey Little Girl" and "I Need Lunch". Fuck "Sonic Reducer", even if it is Anthony Bourdain's favorite song or something like that. These two are much better. It's a good song, but it plays third fiddle to the aforementioned duo.

So, like, what's going on tonight? I'm going to sleep I think. PEACE.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

An American Classic

Sadly, due to various family issues and scheduling conflicts, I will not be going to my usual family reunion in South Carolina this year. The most devastating part of this is that I can't make it to any Bojangles fast food joints, which aren't located anywhere near here. In tribute, I am awarding them:

4.89 Anti-bears. Best chicken sandwich available in the US says a lot in my mind. Their slogan is "Southern Born and Breaded." And even Garz, the chicken tender expert, says this place is tops. You can't buy a better endorsement than that. Bojangles also claims to have the best iced tea on the planet, and that's no Harvard lie. Throw in a few Bo'Berry Biscuits for dessert and you've got yourself a primo fast food staple.

2 Bears. I have to plan a road trip to the coast just to eat there. It may very well be worth it though. I can pick people up on the way if you're interested.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A new low

So once again, I may be writing something that is not a formal review. But at risk of inviting sean's scorn, I have to say it. I suppose I could write it in review form:


Family Guy on TBS. Yes, I was watching family guy. I guess that was my first problem. But it's raining outside and I don't feel like doing anything at all tonight. Anyways, it's mid episode, and the screen just freezes, with Brian and Stewie still on screen. Then, Bill Engvall walks onto the screen and says something like "They've got a dog named brian, and I've got a son named Brian... watch the Bill engvall show Tuesday nights at 9:30... now back to your show." And then the show resumed. Honestly, wtf is that? Give me a commercial, or give me show. Don't squeeze them both in at the same time. I thought good ol product placement was bad enough. What's worse than a character in a show conveniently holding a drink so that the label squarely faces the camera... well, this is.