Monday, August 6, 2007

Indie Pop as Fuck

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Liechtenstein, an all-female indie pop outfit from Gothenburg (Goteborg) who recalled bands such as Dolly Mixture, Girls at Our Best!, and Shop Assistants. What I present now, are their male counterparts: The Electric Pop Group.

These guys, also from Gothenburg (and sharing Liechtenstein's label, Fraction Discs), are as anachronistic as the enchanting women of Liechtenstein, only their proclivities tend toward the expanse of Sarah's catalogue instead of the post-punk inspired girl groups that dominate the other bands' influence. Seriously, these dapper young lads are the closest thing to anything Sarah that I've heard in a contemporary band. The jangle recalls the Sea Urchins and Secret Shine, with vocals that would not be entirely out of place on 7"s by 14 Iced Bears, Another Sunny Day, or St. Christopher (how many more names can I squeeze in here...Field Mice? No, not quite, but good try, mate!). If it isn't apparent, I'm not terribly concerned about bands who maybe take too much delight in reproducing their versions of their idols' output so long as they do it well. The Electric Pop Group do it well.

Just look at them, for crying out loud! If anything, they certainly dress the part.

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