Monday, November 12, 2007

Movie Review:

No Country for Old Men: See it now. Really, go see it.

Ah yes, the rating scale... 1 bear, 5 anti bears. The bear is for the fact that I kinda spaced out during the ending (because i was starving), unaware that it was the ending, so I have some unanswered questions. The anti-bears... because the movie rocked! I won't give any intimate details away.

Gone baby Gone: See it at some point.

This movie was good, but nothing compared to the far superior No Country for Old Men. 4 anti-bears, 1 bear. The bear is for the fact that this movie gives ben affleck credibility as a director. At least he still has none as an actor.

That's all. No glam, no jokes. Just see the movies, and let me get back to my poker game.

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Eric said...

Bout time there were some movies worth going to...