Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Gayness

So I met this gay dude the other day. He had his iPod with him and he sat with me and my friends at this bar. He had pretty good stuff on his iPod. He even had Fad Gadget and Gang of Four! How many random "straighties" (the gay community's word for us straight people) would have those bands on their iPod? So guess what his favorite artist was. Nope, not Skrewdriver...good guess though. It was Rufus Wainwright. "Of course you like Rufus Wainwright!" I callously, drunkenly exclaimed. I was fuuuucked up!

We got drunk(er) with this kid and we somehow decided a gay bar would be a good next destination. So we went to three...thereby fulfilling a lifelong dream I had. We all knew the Montrose is the Houston "gayborhood"... but let me tell you, there is this little enclave of gay bars that aren't visible to the naked eye. You have to be with a gay guy to see them. They're seriously hidden really well. Gay people love to dance! And talk...oh Jesus they love talking politics (and apparently buying into some gay ultra liberal trend). There were guys dancing in thongs.

Basically, stereotypes exist for a reason. They're all correct!

Love ya gay guys!


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