Thursday, March 6, 2008

Re-Up Gang - We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3

You know what I've been missing out on for waaaay too long? Cigarettes. I've just started inhaling them and it feels real real good. I can see how so many people use them to relax. American Spirits are the best I think. It's like the indie rock label of cigarettes. That's either cool or uncool depending on your perspective. Personally, it's an annoying concept to me. Like Jones Soda...oooo you guys are so hip. Whatever, get fucked. Give me a good old Coke.

If you like your rap filled with drugs and cursing, this Re-Up Gang album is right here for you. Go get it. Did you know you can get music for free? You can just download it. It's so great. You musicians won't get any sympathy from me. You want me to fund your law school aspirations you'd better sort out my taxes or tutor me or something. Go to grad school on your own dime, bitch. You think any of us want to pay you for having fun (Vampire Weekend, I'm looking at you)?! Get real! "Bitch I sell 'caine!"

Says the Re-Up Gang. This album is cool because it sports pretty mature rhymes about adult subject matters, like moving bricks and totin' gats. Now that I've seen all of the Wire episodes I know what they're talking about.

God I wish I could find this album in a screwed and chopped mix. Oh daaaymn it'd sound so hot. All sloooowwwed down and stuff. It's got the intelligence of underground inspirational type rap with the street knowledge of a group of corner boys who "push chronic on customers daily."

I can only listen to the likes of Gang Starr and Jurassic 5 for so long (so long = 5 minutes). Sure they got the mic skills and the beats but they look like pussies next to Clipse and the rest of the not-so-noteworthy Re-Up Gang. In short, I like my rap to be about the streets, not about the pressures that come with a small dorm room, tough concepts in thermo dynamics, linguistic rarities, and history of the United States to 1877.

It's also not ostentatious and I like that. Usually I just like the H-Town rap (more specifically Screwed Up Click rap...not Swishahouse {I think Chamillionaire and Slim Thug and Paul Wall suck}). But this is good, though it's from Virginia Beach,VA.

My strategy for reviews: play the album in iTunes while typing a review. It's really quite ridiculous.

So if you like your rap filled with drugs...

already covered that.

Now I'm going to listen to the album Deaf by Foetus (You've Got Foetus On Your Breath).

I'm also starting to realize that Neutral Milk Hotel is wicked overrated. This is the time of the anti-intellectual backlash and I'm jumping on the bandwagon and I'm building a house in the back of said wagon. I don't want to have to think anymore. Stop being so smart.


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