Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RANT: Worst ad ever

It literally throws me into a fit of rage.

And while I'm ranting, worst movie concept ever???

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Eric said...

Don Draper would never have allowed that abysmal commercial.

Eric said...

Oh, and I couldn't make it past that soccer ball hitting the kid in the face. Fuck the world.

Dyluck said...
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Peter said...

Your rants on ads and movies reminds me of last night, when I was trying to find a download for the new Josh Homme Dave Grohl "supergroup". They were supposed to be fan-friendly and releasing their stuff on youtube even, but their label must have even pulled the plug on that, because there was nary a download or even a recording of anything but their two singles on the entire internet. Fucking embargo, I can't wait until the major labels all collapse and it's just a showdown between the conglomerate of Sony-BMG-Time-Warner-Virgin-Disney-EMI-Capitol competing with Universal for their shitty 5% market share. And losing.