Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Great albums

Every once in a while I completely lose my mind. This doesn't mean that I start freaking out and acting like an idiot, but instead that I think about nothing at all (except for thinking about thinking about nothing). Actually I think about a lot, or at least a few things over and over, but nothing I'd care to share on charz2k (I'm boring and you'd think me quite the lame-wad). What I do care to share are some albums that are definitely worth checking out:

The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms. Covering the Beatles and besting the original!? Yep.

Magazine - The Correct Use of Soap. I get into these stupid elitist fits where I won't listen to more albums from an artist who has an album or two that I really love because I think there's no way it could be as good as the best, let alone good. I tend to think this a lot about bands who were popular in the late 70s/early 80s, because a lot of them followed up some truly monumental albums with absolute shit. This is not the case with Magazine, or this album. It's a great complement to Real Life and Secondhand Daylight.

Magnetic Fields - Holiday. Seriously. I'll be on vacation when Merritt and his lackeys take up residence in Chicago for six shows. I'm bummed about that. I also play "In My Secret Place" a ridiculous number of times.

Ultravox - Vienna. This is one of those dark synthy early 80s albums that makes you wish you wore all black and walked around shady neighborhoods in the LES to get to some awesome club with purple strobe lights and crazy haircuts.

Now, a gift for you: mp3s of all of those albums!

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Sam said...

Fuck! I just got Rick Roll'd!!!1