Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Just Had a Good Dream

Not sure if the clock on this blog will accurately reflect this, but it is about 5:45 this Saturday morning. I just woke up from a dream. It seemed like the best dream ever at the time but now I am half asleep, I can only remember a third of it, and I can't see to type. Anyhow....

I went into a partnered business with Garz and moved up to Wisconsin. He knew two girls from college who were going to go into the business with us, and we rode this gargantuan subway thoughout this metropolis to go meet up with them, and they were both really hot. Hats off to Garz for that one. Our job was to sit around and hang out in our office all day, and go to whatever concerts and listen to whatever CD's so we could review them for some publication that didn't specifically matter much in the dream. We went to a Black Lips' show first and I must have known how to actually operate a computer in the dream because I remember I even bootlegged recorded it and had it on iTunes later on so I could burn a CD.

We got a down period where there weren't many shows, so we went out exploring. I guess "Wisconsin" turned into "Wyoming" in my dream, because I remember being out in the middle of nowhere with mountains or something and thinking we had switched to Wyoming. It was Wyoming of old settlers days, and we (Garz, me, two women coworkers) ran into this drunken General on a horse. He kept galloping back and forth in the prairie trying to catch a hawk floating around in the sky, and I had to keep dodging him so he wouldn't trample me.

I guess the drunken General inspired me to try to catch a bald eagle in a butterfly net. I kept getting really close, up to a foot close to him one time on his perch, but never could get it. Then I guess I made the eagle really mad and he swooped down and was gliding straight towards me angrily, and that's when I woke up.

Sorry if this makes no sense. I don't know why I was so inspired to actually get out of bed and open my computer and write this right now. But I couldn't go back to sleep. I feel pretty lame so I'm going back to bed.

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