Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Trip Back to the '90's, via eBay

A fond memory of my grade school days (starting around 4th grade) was coming home from school to watch television. We had a gargantuan snack drawer in the house that was overflowing with Oreos, Twinkies, and other Little Debbie goodies and I would raid it, head upstairs, and plop down on the couch for the weekday TBS excitement- one hour of Saved By the Bell, one hour of Full House (I think WGN even played their own hour of Saved by the Bell, so you could sit there forever if you wanted). Things change- there is no more afternoon tv with that sort of heavy-hitting lineup, and the snack drawer doesn't seem as big to me anymore. At any rate, for some reason I was on hold with the insurance company today and I found some true gems of memorabilia on eBay that commemorated these special memories in my heart.

What Would Danny Tanner Do?
You couldn't fault anyone wearing this shirt. If I saw someone walking around in it you would have to think that they were logical, smart-decision making people, and that never hurt anyone. I would like someone to get on the ball and make up some "What Would Charz Do" t-shirts. It could be like a Taco Bell marketing campaign.
3.5 anti-bears: quite the conversation piece
4.0 bears: takes a lot of guts to wear, which Danny Tanner never had
Slater Tee
In the t-shirt spirit still, I actually like this one. It is pink though, and suggests that the thought of AC Slater alone is enough to make one dizzy with infatuation, so the only people who could wear this one would be 14 year old girls (or Charz).
4.0 anti-bears: good for a legitimate laugh (maybe)
4.5 bears: as a guy, I am excluded from being able to bid on this
Trading Cards
Are you kidding me? Who buys these? "I'll trade you my Johnny Dakota and Mr. Tuttle for your Belding." "Nah, man, that's a rip-off, throw in Mr. Dewey and we'll call it a deal." "Is it autographed?"
o.o anti-bears: no use whatsoever
2.5 bears: looks like they may have been only 25 cents. i'd have probably suckered myself into buying a pack
AC Slater Doll
This may come off as just another shot at Charz, but it's not. He truly has one of these.
3.7 anti-bears: comes with a "stamper" of Mario's authentic autograph that you can use on your yearbooks
3.3 bears: doesn't look like the plastic mullet blows in the wind
Uncle Jesse Doll
If I had any courage at all, I would put this on my desk at work. I mean, think of all the comments it would produce! Jesse, of "Jesse and the Rippers"! It's an indie rock artifact.
4.2 anti-bears: if you look closely, you can see that "Jesse's guitar holds family photos."
o.o bears: this is totally redeemed because Jesse's guitar holds family photos.
Mr. Belding Autograph.
5.0 bears: Obviously the seller of this notecard with Dennis Haskins' autograph just pulled out an index card from the drawer and signed it. Couldn't he have at least found Mr. Belding's baseball card in one of the packs above? I bet Belding can't even walk to the store without 1,000 people digging out index cards for him to sign, poor guy.
I left out the Saved by the Bell sheet music that was up for auction.


Eric said...

Does the Uncle Jesse doll get mad if you try to touch the hair?

J said...

yeh, he says "don't touch the hair, capiche?"