Friday, May 18, 2007


I haven't been as productive as I'd like to have been these past few weeks, though I'm declaring that I will post something by the end of next week. I have some things on my mind I'd like to talk about, and where better than a blog no one will read (sidenote: "Creed Thoughts" on The Office last night was brilliant; let's hope this actually posts to the internet somewhere and isn't just saving to a file only I can access...!).

On tap (I'll let anyone who reads this [ie, the other contributors, if even them] decide what I'll write about):
1. review of Mando Diao/Crocodile Cafe/Seattle scene as I saw it from 5/5/07
2. my thoughts on the astoundingly bizarre The House on the Rock, which I visited last Saturday, 5/12/07
3. I'm seeing the Hold Steady tonight; They're big baseball fans so I'm sure I'll give them a positive review even if I hate it. Besides, I love witterate (witty + literate; call Webster's, I'm a genius) dumbass rock.
4. I'm seeing the Arcade Fire tomorrow night; who hasn't read a million reviews about Arcade Fire shows, though?
5. review of the Decemberists show from 4/20/07 (likewise with this one, it's been done but I think my experience should make this one somewhat more interesting than those of my countless predecessors).

I'm also going to try to use the word antediluvian effectively at least once. What a great word.

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