Friday, May 25, 2007

Things I Did Today

Today I woke up and I cleaned my closet. I found my iTrip in there! I thought it was gone forever. Nope. That was pleasant.

I watched some soccer goals on Youtube. I watched Kaka score against Manchester United. I watched Pavel Nedved's long distance goals. I watched Miklos Feher of Benfica FC die on the field. I never should have clicked that link. In 2004, Feher, a Hungarian soccer player died of an apparent heart attack right after receiving a yellow card. The game was being broadcast on Portuguese television and is, therefore, available to watch on the internet. Being a somewhat macabre person, I just could not resist clicking and watching (albeit with some trepidation) that link. What a bummer. This image has been haunting me all day. Today has, in fact, sucked because I watched Miklos Feher die. It's so weird seeing life leave a body. If you readers are feeling ghoulish, here's the link: Feher dies on the pitch

Be warned: it will ruin your day.

What can I do to salvage the last few hours of the day? Oh yeah, I'll go out later with some people and do stupid things. Morning Glory seeds and alcohol. That's all legal by the way. They sell Morning Glories at garden stores. You crush like 100 of them in a coffee grinder then put the resulting powder in some water and it's like mild LSD. I'm not fucking endorsing that though. In fact, don't do it.

I'm putting a picture (Bruegel's Dulle Griet - do you italicize painting titles?) in my first "charz2k: resurrected" post. Consider it flair. Now that I think of it, the old charz2k was entirely devoid of pictures. So the new charz2k is already better! Websites can rise from the dead. Too bad people can't. Don't you hate that? People are so great. I'm not being sarcastic. Sometimes the world is so overwhelmingly wonderful that I don't know how anyone can stand it. Miklos Feher, was a great guy (I'm guessing). I wish he could have been afforded the chance to live again. At least he died doing what he loved. We should all be so lucky. If my death scenario were to be similar, and I died doing what I loved, I'd die writing a charz2k post with a smile on my face.

welcome back charz2k!


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Nukros said...

I almost considered making an entire post when I saw you bashing the original charz2k. You can bash it all you want, as long and the bashing is accurate. The original charz2k was riddled with pictures, more than I can count on one hand. So ya, get your facts straight bitch or else I might have to send you a copy of Oliver Twist.