Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Message to the program directors and DJs at WSUM (The Snake on the Lake) 91.7, Madison

WSUM has <joke>Fallen out of favor with me, and the only Cure </joke> is to not forget to bring different cds to my car or keep my iPod charged.

I've stopped tuning in because I'm sick of hearing the Fall and the Cure (and the bands that aspire to be the Fall and the Cure). Oddly enough, they don't really play the Smiths that often, unless you're talking about Robert and Mark E., which is either a really funny joke that's gone sour, or a crazy misunderstanding on the part of a moron who has never heard "How Soon is Now?".

Addendum: Today (6/3/2007), I turned my back on my word and tuned into the station again. Would it surprise you if the first song I heard was by the Cure? I was not so much shocked as I was disappointed. :(

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