Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Music From the Protozoan Era: Junior High

So I am writing another article; mine may not be grand but seeing how often things are posted on this site, I don't feel guilty about taking up too much copy space.
I have all my music CD's in two cabinets in my room. Most of these are what I have listened to in the modern age, which I define as high school onward and began with Guns 'N Roses' Appetite for Destruction. Before this period was "everything else" that went on beforehand. Those CD's are on a back shelf in my closet, and I wanted to share them with you. This prehistoric period started with the soundtrack to Wayne's World, which was the first CD I ever got. Here are a few other selections:

The Toadies, Rubberneck: My cousin had this CD first, and I heard it when he came to Oklahoma to visit. I thought my cousin was the coolest because he had more than 25 CD's.

Bush, Sixteen Stone: This was when I never listened to a whole CD, but only the single that was
popular at the time. "Little Things" was cool, then I heard "Come Down" and "Everything Zen" on the radio. Those sounded good, I could listen to those now. Then came "Machinehead," and man, the CD just kept getting better! Then I saw the "Glycerine" video- that was on the CD too?!

Stone Temple Pilots, Core: Scott Weiland was cool and still is. I remember orginally hearing "Dead and Bloated" when I was in fourth grade, in my neighbor's garage with the "bigger, older kids." I was intimidated by them because they rode skateboards.

Spice Girls, Spice: Yep, I won't lie to you. In 7th grade Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton was the most gorgeous looking girl I had ever seen.

Offspring, Smash: For some reason our junior high drama teacher let Justin in our grade play this over the theatre's PA during class. If you remember the record, you know why it quickly got taken off.

Goldfinger, Goldfinger: At that point I thought "Here in Your Bedroom" was the best song ever. Now if something has an ounce of ska in it I run away like it's the plague.

Gravity Kills, Gravity Kills: I thought I was cool to listen to something so heavy.

Nirvana, In Utero: My dad will never forget. At our little league baseball game, Brad's mom told my dad "Oh Brad is just devastated! Just heartbroken! I'm so worried about him. I hope he doesn't become depressed." My dad says "Why?" She says Kurt Cobain died. My dad says "Who's Kurt Cobain?" She says he is the singer in a band that Brad likes. My dad is speechless.

Mr. Mirainga, Mr. Mirainga: Has anyone else heard of this besides me?

Well, thanks for letting me share. I hope maybe some of them you can identify with, and let me know which ones I missed. On a heavier note, on the way home from work today, I stopped to try a "Big Okie Burger" at this place in town that's been there on Route 66 for years. Four patties=1 pound of burger. The first half was the best burger I've ever had, the second half one of the worst. I told my sister if I die of a heart attack, just write "It had to be done" on the grave.

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Anonymous said...

While flying to Vegas to IAD on Monday, Offspring's "Self Esteem" came on channel 11 of United Air radio (my ipod died from being thrown in the washing machine). Anyways, I've had it stuck in my head ever since.