Monday, June 30, 2008

Six beers and no dinner what I had tonight. I'm drunk and kind of woozy and it's almost 1am, which means I have to be at work for a meeting in almost 7 hours. Wow!

Recommendation: go see WALL-E (I think it's an acronym and so I think I punctuated it correctly, but who knows!). Anyway, it's a fucking fantastic film. It's beautiful. Sniff.

Also, I'm going to throw in the 1-2 punch combo of the Dead Boys' "Hey Little Girl" and "I Need Lunch". Fuck "Sonic Reducer", even if it is Anthony Bourdain's favorite song or something like that. These two are much better. It's a good song, but it plays third fiddle to the aforementioned duo.

So, like, what's going on tonight? I'm going to sleep I think. PEACE.

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