Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

I've heard friends call this movie the greatest movie they've ever seen. Everybody is gushing over its brilliance. I saw it last night... and I gotta say, I disagree. I mean, I thought it was alright. It was pretty good. But not great. People think I'm crazy. They get mad when I don't speak highly of the film. Have any 2k'ers seen it? I'm curious what ya'll think.


Eric said...

Did you see it in IMAX? I thought it was pretty good, but people are blowing things way out of proportion with their praise.

J said...

Uh , I haven't seen it but I thought any movie with heath ledger was worth gushing over? That is, unless you're more of a mario lopez fan

Sam said...

How does Batman's mom call him to dinner?
Batman dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, Batman!