Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zero Boys

Damn was I ever fucked up last night. I got to hang out with Eric's brother Christian though.

Hey, we've had lots of Grateful Dead talk on charz2k. While I'm not completely against "The Dead" I did grow up as a punk, the hippie's natural enemy. So The Zero Boys are our punk antidote. Go watch this video of them playing at the Pizza Palace in 1981. The Zero Boys were from Indianapolis and I actually like them more than the Germs. The Germs are great but Darby Crash looks like an inaccessible, jerky art-fag compared to the Zero Boys' Paul Mahern. I mean look at these guys! They're just poor kids making noise. Plus, their songs are amazing. These are just song snippets but I can't get enough of this video.

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dz said...

Nice post man, The Zero Boys rock.