Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Love the Cubs

What have I been thinking all along? I love the Cubs, they're great. To think that I could ever harbor hatred for them so much now seems preposterous for me.

Zambrano, I love you. (Can I call you Dr. Z?) I love how until April of 2009 you will only be able to give your lame tirades in your own house and destroy your own property and act like a baby where no one has to see you.

Edmonds, I love you. Thanks for acting like you hate the Cardinals now and all your years there didn't mean anything. Thanks for being the experienced post season player that was supposed to join the Cubs and lead them through the playoffs. It would have been better for you to hang up your cleats before you decided to play for Chicago.

Cubs fans, I love you. Thank you for always griping. I am sure this series will give you a cornucopia of places to lay blame and fault. I'd would have much rather let that goat stay in the stadium back in 1945 than let Zambrano anywhere near Wrigley. Seems as though there are multiple goats up on the northside nowadays.
As for the curse itself, you ejected a guy for bringing his farm animal into the stadium- what did you think was going to happen?

Bears: 0.0. The Cubs, by definition, don't even qualify as true Bears.

But above all things, I love this fan at Dodger Stadium. The cameras showed him in the heat of the moment in the bottom of the 9th as the Dodgers rounded up a huge upset of the Cubs:

Is that Tim Lincecum?


Anonymous said...

I think you have fallen and hit your head....

Eric said...

Oh, wow, it IS Tim Lincecum!

Danny said...

I saw that kid too! Tim Lincencum is such a punk rocker.

What an awesome series by the way! HAHA...You like that Cubs fans? Does that taste good??

Anonymous said...

the charz2k playoff preview is in risk of going 0/4.

Anonymous said...

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