Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A 2k challenge!

Dear charz2k contributors. I, Charz, am announcing a challenge to you: the Madea Goes to Jail Challenge! If you are able to go to Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail, sit through the entire film, and write a detailed review on the movie and experience, I will personally mail you a check for the cost of the ticket.

Rules: There can be only one winner. You are on your honor. It has to be during opening weekend, and a sketchy theater is preferred although not required. You may also double it up with Fired Up, and get TWO ticket reimbursements... but they must be seen consecutively.

Good luck,


Danny said...

hahaha, wow. I lose

Eric said...

Gee, let's weigh the options here.

1. See one shitty movie for free

2. See two shitty movies for free

3. See zero shitty movies

#3 wins. You're going to have to sweeten the deal if there's any hope of anyone taking this on. I mean, how are you supposed to spend a solid 4-5 hours at a theater without refreshments? Whose life is so worthless that they'd see those movies with no further compensation than reimbursement?

charz said...

I almost wrote in "a large popcorn" but I'm not a frickin vault of money here!

Joe Barry said...

There are two different story lines and appeared to me as if I am watching two different movies at the same time. Joe looks uglier than in other movies(may be due to poor makeup). Its a average movie, but the ending is not so good...