Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes, Dear

Yes, Dear is on TBS right now. Is there one single person who would be flipping through the channels and would think "YES! Yes, Dear is on!"? I guess it's possible, but why put it on a network where they could just as easily show another episode of Seinfeld instead of this crippled warthog of a show?

Yes, Dear should be quarantined on a network that's strictly opt-in, so we wouldn't even have to ponder the ways TBS could better use that time slot. Just think, if they made this network we would have an isolated list of the most worthless members of society that we could use to either eradicate them or turn them into some sort of super weapon that's effective because it annoys the enemy into submission.

If you're interested in subscribing, you'll also have access to all your favorites, including, but not limited to, Still Standing, Grace Under Fire, Mama's Family, Joey, and in a marathon every Friday, According to Jim.

This reminds me of when I came back to Houston once and I had seen some terrible show on the plane that I could only describe as "the worst sitcom I have ever seen." Danny's guess was that it was Still Standing. He was right.


charz said...

ya, at least give us wings or murphy brown or somethin

J said...

how about "radio active", if you recall?

Eric said...

Oh, I do recall. That'll go under the sister network that plays kid's/teen shows. It's pretty much just "radio active" and "that's so raven" on that one.

Danny said...

hahahah crippled warthog! haha

charz said...

Ya'll know that Madea goes to Jail has been the #1 movie in America for 2 weeks in a row! I guess the charz2k gang is not a representative sample of our country.