Friday, April 11, 2008

Holy Lord Album Recommendations

Holy Lord it'd be so sweet if the Feelies played Crazy Rhythms! By the way, everyone, that album is a fucking sterling masterpiece- it's absolutely perfect! Not that the Public Enemy and the Mission of Burma albums are anything to scoff at. I think I'm gonna go to the Pitchfork Festival.

We should have a charz2k festival with arts and crafts tables and face painting booths. No music, we all hate music. No bands, band members are always dicks.

I got some album recommendations for every person alive (dead not invited):

Chrome - Half-Machine Lip Moves/Alien Soundtracks (2 LP on 1 CD thingie!)

Psychic TV - Forcing the Hand of Chance

Sly & The Family Stone - There's A Riot Goin' On

Eric, dammit, you have to get that Sly album.

I'm so sad to hear about Whiskey. Quick story: he had been trained by the Garz family to stay away from the hard wood floors and to keep on the tile. One time we enticed him to slowly walk onto the hard woods and when he had finally gotten completely on them I said "Whiskey!! Get off of the hard wood floor!" and he quickly ran away in panic. He also enjoyed farting in rooms then leaving. Oh, and he had an awesome piggly tail.

RIP Whiskey

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