Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My morning commute

This morning I set out from my apartment around 6:35 AM Eastern time. I walked from my apartment to the Farragut North Metro station. Along the way I listened to my IPOD. I like listening to music while walking down the street to the metro. Along the way I passed by the National Geographic Museum and the infamous Mayflower Hotel. My walk was about 10 minutes. I took Rhode Island to 17th st to L st. I took the L st entrance into the station, because it's the closest to me. There are 2 other entrances I could have taken, but I stand by my choice. I waited 3 minutes for the red line train. I rode it 4 stops to Union Station. At Union Station I went to Au Ban Pan and got a cinnamon scone. Mmmmm delicious. They have great scones there. Then I got on the 7:12 Marc Train and I was on my way! While on the Marc train, I read the newspaper and talked to my friend Elizabeth. Upon my arrival, I bought a coffee because I need to have a caffeine boost to start my day!


J said...

What other types of scones do they have there? I had an orange scone the other day, with some icing on it. I'm just recently broadening my horizons about scones. Any I should look for?

charz said...

I think they just have cinnamon and orange. I've never had the orange one though. It looks good, but if I get a scone, I just can't pull myself away from cinnamon!! Mmmmmm!!!

Anonymous said...

any content coming ?