Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Simpsons.

I've decided to watch the new Simpsons episode tonight on Fox. I know, it's going to just make me angry, and it's a giant waste of 30 minutes. I'm curious though. Maybe with a new batch of writers, it's funny again? Okay, so there's a 1% chance of that being true. But I'm watching it damnit. Although there's a pretty good chance I won't make it past minute 10.


charz said...


I made it through the entire episode. And like the Simpsons movie, expectations exceeded. Spectacular? No. But it was a pretty solid episode. And it had a lot working against it:

1. Lame dream sequence/Sopranos parody to start ep
2. The return of Lorlene Lumpkin??
3. Some really annoying Marge. I think if her lines were cut it woulda been a lot better.

Overall, I'm not gonna go back to watching the simpsons on a regular basis. But it's good if you happen to be free Sunday 8-830 (7-730central)

J said...

did you see the homer section at the phillies ballpark in the outfield? everyone was wearing homer simpson masks. have they always done this? i thought of you, charz.

charz said...

No I haven't seen it. I was at the Nats game yesterday though. Frickin glavine manages to ruin my life yet again. Nice park though.