Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Review - Sam's April Fools' Day Joke on Me

Thanks to the internet, no one is safe from jokes on the first day of April. The first cruel joke played on me today was the weather: high temperature of 39 and snow flurries. It's fucking APRIL!!! Besides that the day progressed without incident (unless you count getting Rickroll'd a few times as incident, which I don't because Rickrolling is my favorite internet phenomenon [did you hear that LoLcats? Fuck LoLcats.]) until I got a facebook message from Sam saying that he'd written his first charz2k article ever. I was legitimately floored. SAM posted an article? No way. No FUCKING way.

I checked. There was no article.

How do you deal with heartbreaking situations? You respond via facebook, telling him he should post that amazing article he wrote! Then you wait, and check again a few minutes later. If you're me, you get to suffer the indignation of being April Fools'd after you'd come to expect if from every other possible angle. But from Sam? I didn't expect that at all. Check mate, man, you fucking got me.

Anti-bears: 4.8. You fucking got me!

Bears: 2.5. You didn't Rickroll me. Douche.

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