Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Charz2k Presents:

10 Little Known Facts About Morrissey!!*


1. Eric's new haircut will be the Morrissey! (That pompadour fade thing).

2. Morrissey fans always punctuate their "I met Morrissey" stories with "I told him I loved him and I gave him a hug."

3. Don't trust him ladies, Morrissey just wants sex. Which is really odd considering....

4. Morrissey is actually gay.

5. Don't trust him guys, Morrissey only wants sex.

6. "Suedehead" was written after Morrissey's illicit affair with a Burger King manager. Which is really odd considering...

7. There are no Burger Kings in England thanks to Morrissey's tireless campaign against meat eating people years before said affair.

8. Burger King is good...sometimes.

9. Though Morrissey is a very strict, practicing vegetarian, he enjoys a Whopper every once in a while.

10. Morrissey was once invited to perform a duet with David Bowie but he refused when he was informed he could not fuck Bowie.

Morrissey - 3.6 anti-bears - on the merit of that haircut alone, 2.7 bears for crying in public once too often.

exclamation points are fun!!!!

-*none of these facts are true

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