Monday, September 3, 2007


Have you ever gone to a show to see some pretty new band that didn't have much recorded output, but enough by way of tunes and reputation to convince you to stop watching tv and pay $12 to see them strut their stuff in the flesh? What if the opening band had even less recorded output and reputation (after all, you didn't know who they were until you got to the club and saw them on the stage), but you dug their vibe because they were pretty alright except for that one song with the killer keyboards that was not only alright, but was catchy enough to make you want to listen to it on your way home from the show since you bought their one EP, which was practically guaranteed to have that song on it?

It's happened to me several times, and the reason that I bring it up now is that I finally got to hear that one song (the one with the killer keys I mentioned just a second ago; pay attention!) that was not on the EP. The band we're talking about here is Yellow Fever, who opened for Voxtrot in late October, 2006, in Houston, TX. They had this whole cutesy minimalism thing going for them, but on the whole, while they were decent, I felt their arrangements could use some beefing up, and on this song, "Metarie", the electric organ does just the trick. I had that song stuck in my head for weeks, eventually forgetting about it until today when I discovered that Yellow Fever had released a 2nd EP. Thanks to the wonder of the world wide web, I was able to listen to this new EP, and after sifting through a few songs that are also included on the other EP (the one I bought), I heard it. KEYS! That's it!