Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dan Deacon 09/24/07 Walter's On Washington

my boyfriend, Danny, is really fucked up right now so I am writing the article for him. This was my first time to see Dan Deacon and he put on a hell of a performance. He had the crowd interested the entire time. He had a trippy skull which he kept on the entire performance and sometimes it would blink on and off. He also managed to get the crowd to do a conga line, while looking like complete assholes. I personally believe he looks like a child molester but others, namely Danny, seem to have a different opinion of the man. His stage presence was good but he wasn't dressed as well as i expected him to. I really did enjoy the concert and the 5 vodka sprites that I consumed. All in all, he's a great performer and I recommend that you see him sometime soon.



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Eric said...

Danny's pretty good at spotting child molesters. Birds of a feather...