Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Belle's Favorite Music

Eric's Pitchfork Awards article is fucking great and I don't want to steal his thunder but I'll forget what I want to write about if I don't do it now. So don't just read the most recent article, scroll down to read his first.

The other night I was at my friend Thomas' house and we were sitting down watching his iTunes visualizer and listening to Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space by Spiritualized (it was absolutely enthralling and I'll leave you to guess why such a seemingly mundane thing would entertain two people so effectively). Anyway, his dog, Belle, was in the room with us and she was totally chilling out. So I said something like "I'll bet dogs like this kind of music." If you haven't heard this Spiritualized album yet it's like all swirling and druggy and very pretty and lush (the kind of semi relaxing thing a creature of lower intelligence might find soothing). So he says "no, man, I'll bet dogs like music that's filled with things they a song with a guy saying 'sit, sit, sit, stay, good, food, sit, sit, sit' ." It was then that I started to laugh my ass off.

So, guys, the debate rolls on. Do dogs like soothing, lush music or do dogs like hearing recorded recognizable commands? I say the former because why would a dog like listening to commands recreationally? Nobody likes being told what to do or what to think (unless you're a Dead Kennedys fan). But, whatever, you decide for yourself.


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Anonymous said...

Being the master of the subject of the article above, and a part of it myself, I feel I must convey my two cents on the topic. When I said that dogs would like to hear commands I meant that they would be stimulated by hearing their owner's voice vocalizing said commands. Alas, I feel that the author Danny does raise an interesting point regarding dogs (or any higher mammals)and whether or not the sounds and music they hear have any effects upon them or their lives.