Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Story About Bands

We get a good portion of our hits from people searching for specific bands on Google or on other search engines. For instance, if someone searched for the Black Lips, Google might have generated charz2k as a pertinent result (thanks to Eric's name dropping). That's a hit and a potential charz2k loyal viewer. So I had this idea where I type a story about some hyped bands to pander to our potential web viewers. Isn't this an awesome idea?

One day the Arcade Fire met Of Montreal at Lollapalooza. They all ate the provided-for-performers dinner of brisket and cole slaw and bread. It was good. It had lots of sauce and could, therefore, never be criticized for being too dry. But then Kevin Barnes saw the Pitchfork Music Festival staff and a fight ensued. It sucked. There was sauce everywhere. then the Pitchfork Music Festival staff (which apparently acts as a single entity) said (supposedly in unison) "hey, Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal, this fight is to expose unwitting Google searchers to charz2k so the charz2k staff can become famous! Let's get some more big name bands in on this fight! Get over here Arctic Monkeys and throw some chicken strips!"

Now when someone searches for "Arctic Monkeys" and "chicken strips" charz2k is sure to come up.

To limit legal culpability, it should be known that this story is a complete fabrication.

This is your reporter, Danny, signing off.

Ed. note- I searched for arctic monkeys chicken strips and I didn't see charz2k on Google. So....dammit. Also, every time I try to type "monkey" I end up typing "monket". But no that's not why my Google search turned up no charz2k because I corrected it before I pushed enter.

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