Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From the Archives, Volume 1

Why, hello, charz2k fans! After being bombarded (literally, bombarded) by requests to do so, I've decided to post some vintage charz2k articles from the humble beginnings from which so much ambition eventually disintegrated into what you see today. Since "From the Archives" is probably destined to fail from the onset, I feel it's only appropriate to christen the series with the first (and only!) article by a hilarious young maverick. Carlos, if you're out there, we'll welcome you back to charz2k with open arms. Anyway, here's the article!

So after being a lazy asshole and not writing an article in time for this site, I decided it was time. That was Tuesday and this is Thursday night. The time in between made me forget everything about the world around me. I was on an Adderall and speed binge for over two days, studying in a library and chain smoking camel lights (fuck off Phillip Morris, I saw The Insider). I studied pointless material about society, bureaucracy, gender and race issues. I think I did well but in all honesty, I could care less right now. Name's Carlos and I dig this ranking system for the records. I can think of 5 good records off the top of my head that I'd completely fucking tear apart on this site. In no order, they are Is this it? by The Strokes, the Garden State soundtrack, The Beatles' One, any Jack Johnson record and, well I can't think of one right now but at least I did it off the top of my head. Is this it? because Julian Casablancas single-handedly got all those stupid teenagers to dress like douche bags. Now, it's not his fault, it's the people that bought the record and didn't listen to "Alone, Together" or "Soma". The Garden State original soundtrack because I had to hear about it every 5 seconds when it came out. It's a good album but I feel like I'm fucking the music for cheap by listening to some guy's mix tape. The Beatles' One album because it's a good concept, but for all the new Beatle fans that came about, it's the only one they own because we all know, for a fact, that the 20-something tracks on One does not even come remotely close to covering the genius of the band. Any Jack Johnson album just because. The songs are catchy and written by some hip Hawaiian wannabe film maker whose best song is about how the 20 frames per second on a camera couldn't capture Bruce Lee's literally lightning fast moves. You'd know that if you downloaded his live stuff from way before he did the soundtrack for that children's movie.

This is my writing. I hope you enjoy it because I sure do. I hope this decision to write my thoughts on music is a good one. I feel that I know what I'm talking about and at the same I am open-minded. My experience with music is one that I feel like a young veteran in today's music society where nobody seems to branch out at all. Just the other night I downloaded the soundtrack to Sideways by Rolfe Kent. 1) It's not a fucking mix tape (Garden State) for a movie that is so pretentious and creative for the wrong reasons that I just wish Scrubs would come on. 2) If you have seen the movie Sideways with Paul Giamati and think that it is very well made and imaginative then this music is great for you.

For this first time, I will appropriately leave you with the words written on the back of the first album released by Elektra, by one of my favorite groups...ever, Superdrag.

So here it is, all in all, you and yours, regretfully yours.

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